DaYaN Zhanchi Pro M

October 22nd, 2022
Basillio Noris

It's a very good cube, with a range of achievable settings that are actually useful and diverse.

  • Weight & feel – light, and depending on settings pieces feel very light as well
  • Turning Speed – fast! average! Set it how you like it!
  • Corner Cutting  from good to very good
  • Magnets – strong! weak! (you catch my drift)
  • Lockups – not really, the cube is very forgiving, and if you don't mind an auditory slap when you mess up, this thing doesn't really lock up
  • Sound – Quite silent as most Dayan tend to be, until you turn like an impaired chimp and it slaps you. Soft "liquid" sound
  • Looks – sharp, very similar to the Guhong v4 (only the color of the logo, or picking it up and turning it let you know which one it is)
  • Plastic – Solid, almost oily
  • Similar-feel cubes – A lot of different cubes
  • Price – 20-25$
That's how cube adjustments should be!

Out of the box it feels horrible: too tight but at the same time it manages to have the same shapemorphing qualities of the Tengy v2 (as in it loses shape for no good reason). However, the range of settings for springs and magnets are, surprisingly for Dayan, very good. Set the travel distance to the loosest setting (4/4) with stiff-ish springs and the cube becomes very fast, and reminds a lot the Tengy v1. Set distance at 2-3 and it's very reasonable, with 1 being a tad tight, but not unusably so. Tightening the screws 3/4 of a turn made it stop losing shape too much. It still feels like you could tear it apart just by pulling on two corners but it is, by and large, a very usable cube for solves, both CFOP and Roux. Magnet strength numbering is idiotic, with 1 being the strongest. However, the weakest setting (3) is actually reasonably weak without the unavoidable clickyness of the Guhong v4.

The plastic and shape feels a lot like the Guhong, with very sharp edges and hard plastic: a contrast to the Tengyun 1/2 with rounded edges and softer plastic (and sound). It is reasonably quiet, but can clack very loudly if the turning is not too accurate.

All in all, for once, settings let you truly go through a range of different feelings, rather than having a ton of options to essentially get the same cube in very slightly different flavours, all of which suck (thank you Tengy v2). It's also not a clicky mess with magnets that although technically weak, are impossible to not feel strongly (thank you Guhong v4).

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