DianSheng Solar S

October 22nd, 2022
Basillio Noris

If you want a Dayan Guhong v4 that doesn't break for roughly the same price, go for it! Otherwise get a YLM, Meilong or RS3M instead.

  • Weight & feel – average weight, pieces feel moderately heavy to turn
  • Turning Speed – average once you tighten it enough to make it usable
  • Corner Cutting  average, generates some lockups during solves
  • Magnets – strongish, non-adjustable
  • Lockups – happen relatively often
  • Sound – not particularly  loud, plasticky
  • Looks – a clone of older Gans, with glossy plastic (yay!) that looks cheap (nay!)
  • Plastic – unevenly cut, pieces feel sharp
  • Similar-feel cubes – Dayan Guhong v4
  • Price – 12$
A budget cube that is more expensive than a lot of better cubes

It looks like an old Gan, but feels like one of the new Dayans: same sharp and solid plastic, and similar issues with its springiness. There the comparison ends, it is a budget cube and if it cost a lot less it would be a perfectly fine first cube for many. However it wouldn't make the cut among budget cubes that are less expensive. So it doesn't really have a niche to fill.

The plastic feels cheap, with uneven cuts of the piece covers, some jagged edges that cut a bit into the fingers (those will probably wear off with time). It sounds like cheap plastic scraping against cheap plastic, but it is not too loud. It has no customization besides tightening the screws to reduce travel distance. This is not a surprise for a budget cube, but you could be paying half as much for a Meilong M and have a far superior cube without customization, or slightly less for an RS3M or YLM that perform much better than the Solar S.

In the end it's a modern cube with relatively forgiving corner cutting, but who loses shape easily and locks up.