MOYU RS3M Super V2

August 10th, 2023
Basilio Noris

A more solid and stable but still fast version of the WRM2021purplev that has little to do with the previous RS3Ms but remains a fantastic cube.

  • Weight & feel – Average weight, with solid pieces
  • Turning Speed – Moderate to fast and very smooth
  • Corner Cutting – Stellar but snappy
  • Magnets – Medium strength, the click is clearly felt
  • Lockups – Nope, unless you loosen its tension, but then you should expect that anyway
  • Sound – Quieter than its predecessors, but still loud compared to other moyu cubes
  • Looks – Smoother than the YS3M thanks to its beveled caps, the dark internals look awesome
  • Plastic – Solid, shiny and UV brilliant, thank you for not making a frosted version of this!
  • Similar-feel cubes – WRM19, YS3M
  • Price – 24-43$ depending on which version you get (shut up and get the BallCore version)
I am the flagship now!

Moyu has come out with a new generation of cubes, with 9 versions across 3 series coming in a relatively short span of time. The result is a blurring of the lines of what used to be a relatively straightforward split between budget, mid-range and flagship level cubes. The meme about cube manufacturers being disastrous at naming cubes has just gotten a strong refresh, but with a twist: after coming out in 2020 with a cube that cost less than 10$ and worked as well as most 30-40$ cubes around, they gradually made it more expensive, while adding new elements to its name (“maglev”, “super”, “super but v2!”). The result today is a cube that costs 30-40$ and works as well as the 10$ versions of other cubes (Tornado V3, WRM v9 in their stripped versions).

Gone is the blockiness and clackyness of the RS3M that so many of us have used and abused (the RS3M2020 remains, to date, the single-most purchased cube according to the r/Cubers megasurvey), this is a cube that would better be described as a more stable version of the WRM2021purplev. The magnets are somewhat strong compared to older Moyu cubes, and the click are clearly felt, with the auto-align kicking in at the 60° mark. The magnet strength makes it so that you will not risk overturning even for the more aggressive cubers. With that said, the magnet strength remains closer to the Huameng YS3M than the much clickier Weilong V9.

The cube remains solid, and whilst its price tag won’t make it as much of a favorite of parents and uncles as a gift for their kids as the previous versions, this is a cube that will survive some encounters with pre-pubescent animals… sorry : “younger cubers”.

Cornercutting is perfect at most reasonable tensions, weight and strength required to turn is rather light on the looser settings, making this cube fast if you want, but the range of compression and the presence of an actual screw allows you to turn it into something stable and controllable if you prefer to.

Then there’s the looks. Here the completely coloured internals (purple or teal) look awesome, and better than the V9 (which has coloured internals for the centers and inner stems but not for the edges and corners). The result is one of the best looking moyu cubes that’s been released since the WRM2021 purplev. The center caps are round and bevelled just like in the V9 (they are interchangeable, but the V9 are a fraction of a millimetre thinner), and far better looking than the octagonal weirdness of the first version of the Super.

So this brings us to the current situation of Moyu releases : RS3M Super V2, Huameng YS3M, Weilong WRM V9 each with 3 versions : Standard, MagLev, BallCore. That’s a bit messy compared to having adjustable magnets, but maybe it makes commercial sense for Moyu, who knows. The Super v2 is now the most expensive Moyu cube, with a range that goes from 3x the price of its first iteration to more than 5x for the ball-core version. That makes it something that you might want to try out before you decide to buy.

Bas' humble advice

So which should you get? Here is my subjective estimation of the current models
If you prefer weaker magnets : YS3M > Super2 > WRM V9
If you want a cube that looks great : Super2 > WRM V9 > YS3M
If you want the best performance : YS3M = Super2 > WRM V9
As for which version of the cube?
Get the Ball-Core for the Super2 or YS3M, get the Standard for the WRM v9.

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