WRM 2019 Maglev

October 22nd, 2022
Basillio Noris

A great cube that compares well or better to any of its younger iterations, and the maglev works very well with it.

  • Weight & feel – Average weight, solid, blocky but very easy to turn
  • Turning Speed – Fast!
  • Corner Cutting  stellar
  • Magnets – Non adjustable, average strength, works very well with its speed
  • Lockups – nuh uh.
  • Sound – Average volume, sounds more plasticky than most cubes
  • Looks – It definitely looks retro, with those center-cap holes making it very distinctive and dated. But retro is very fashionable nowadays!
  • Plastic – Solid and so very smooth
  • Similar-feel cubes – Moyu WRM20/21(non maglev), Dayan Tengyun (v1)
  • Price – 30$ plus a Maglev cube (e.g. RS3M 2021 for 10$)
Because Why Not!

The Moyu Weilong Without Ridges M from 2019 is a fantastic cube that, despite having had a whopping 3 new cubes within the same flaghsip line in (more or less) as many years, is still being used by world-record breakers in 2022.
I've come to be in the Fans-of-the-WRM bandwagon lately as I only got ahold of one the past few months, and it has rapidly become one of my favorite cubes (although my favorite WRM remains the WRM 2020).

It is shiny, it comes from an era where slippery frosted surfaces were not the semi-ubiquitous mind-virus that infected all cube manufacturers the past 2 years. It feels a bit blocky and with the solid plastic that used to be used in 2019. It is not a light puzzle, but it doesnt ask for much effort to turn its faces. Corner cutting is what you'd expect from a modern Moyu cube, You can get it to lock up if you really try, but it's difficult, and wont ever happen mid-solve.

While ranting about the terrible, terrible thing that the newest WRM (2021 maglev) is (see review above), a brilliant mind (thank you Sevilz!) suggested to swap the maglev for normal springs. And in the same digital breath said "and put the maglev in the Wrm19". So I did. Oh boy.

Maybe it's the fact that the cube is just a tiny bit larger, heavier, "bulkier", which makes turning the faces accurately easier, but I find myself without any of the issues I so despise on the WRM21maglev.  The fact that the RS3M 2021 (maglev) also didnt give me problems and is ALSO a blocky/bulky cube, makes me think that maglev could be better on heavish cubes rather than light ones.

The WRM19maglev is now just faster without losing any of its controllability and smoothness. The "spring" compression in its default value is stiffer than with stock springs and makes me think of the Tengyun (v1) with the replacement (golden) springs (as if the whole face is solidly floating in the air, it turns very fast but can't distort too much). In all honesty, maybe just cleaning it out properly, relubing the thing and putting it on the looser settings would likely achieve something very similar, but I like to think that the wind of modernity is bringing a new life to this old cube.

Funnily enough I haven't heard it squeak once yet, so maybe it's not the maglev per se, but the combination of maglev and other pieces that make them squeak. This one is silent as... well it's still the WRM19, it's by no means a quiet cube. The lack of nuance in the tighter settings from the maglev, that irked me so on the WRM21)  is not an issue, as this cube seems to work well when not too tight.

I think I'm gonna keep it like this!

p.s. I now have TWO cubes that are better than before: I like the WRM21wasmaglev way better as it is now, on a medium tightness that was very hard to achieve with magnets.