WRM 2021 Maglev

October 22nd, 2022
Basillio Noris

The maglev makes its adjustments range bad, but it's a very fast and very good cube

  • Weight & feel – average weight, pieces feel super-light
  • Turning Speed – very fast, it's very easy to overshoot
  • Corner Cutting  it's a wrm, they've been doing corner-cutting right since 2019
  • Magnets – very weak to average adjustments
  • Lockups – it locks up when you overshoot, which is more often than it should. If your turning is accurate then this won't be an issue
  • Sound – average loudness, some clacks when coming back from an overshoot. Also, (rare) maglev squeaks
  • Looks – Gorgeous
  • Plastic – Once the (*!$!) frosting wears off, the plastic feels solid, smooth, high-quality
  • Similar-feel cubes – WRM20/21 on weak springs
  • Price – 20-25$ + ~10$ for the core magnets kit (buy it!)
It's purple

The WRM 2021 Maglev is a slight variation on the Moyu WRM 2021 that brings one fantastic addition and a terrible one. On the positive side, it has purple internals. They look great. Looks do play a role, and this one looks gorgeous. However, the maglev part doesn't feel like a great success. The cube spring settings can be adjusted between fast and fasterer, with the tighter adjustment that be come exceedingly tight and not very usable. This makes the cube very difficult to control for inaccurate turners like me.

The magnet settings range around the "weakish" center familiar to WRM cubes, but allow to go down to almost non-magnetic. Given the loose nature of the maglev springs, that makes the cube lose shape during sloppy executions of algs.

But when things go well, this cube is incredible: fast, super smooth, and very, very forgiving. Personally as the cube currently stands, it is too much of a high-risk high-reward cube, but for more accurate cubers it could be a very satisfying cube.

It also look gorgeous: the combination of Moyu's WRM colored outer-shell and internal-color sides make this one look super modern and slick. Hands down the most beautiful stock cube I've ever seen.

A quick update: I eventually got a Core-Corner magnets modding kit and... It changes things A LOT. They add that bit of stabilty that was missing for me, and turn this into the best cube I have right now, maining this thing for CFOP, Roux and OH: "Mom! I don't want to go home!". If you're getting this cube, invest in the core magnets kit.