X-Man Tornado v2

October 22nd, 2022
Basillio Noris

A very smooth cube I find myself using all the time when traveling as I know I won't be bothering anyone, and still have a top-performance cube

  • Weight & feel – light and solid, pieces turn easily
  • Turning Speed – average to fast
  • Corner Cutting  Fantastic compared to older cubes, good vs. newer ones.
  • Magnets – good range of values from rather weak to more than average
  • Lockups – This thing is smooth all over, but it does get its iffy locks sometimes
  • Sound – SO QUIET! Sounds a bit squishy/liquid
  • Looks – a kind of a "sharper Gan", with black internals and flatter edges
  • Plastic – Solid and so very smooth
  • Similar-feel cubes – Rather unique, but could remind of a more solid older Gan 356
  • Price – 20-25$
Very quiet, very modest, very good

The Tomato v2 is a lot less flashy than other flagship cubes, but it packs a bunch of innovative and very well executed features that make it a fantastic cube to have.

The customization is one of the clearest, most visible, most easy to change that I've seen in a cube. If you've ever used an adjustment system, you know the pain of finding that specific direction where the specular lights hit the cube just so and you can finally read the values on the spring/magnet. You will not have to do that for the Tornado. You do need a wonky tool in the shape of a bident, but even that is, by itself, a work of art: not only does it contain within itself a multitude of interchangeable screwdriver heads, they all have small magnets that clip to the inner container or to the driver itself. I find myself having only that in my bag and know that I have the cubing equivalent of a swiss-army knife at my disposal.

The cube is smaller than usual (in relative terms) at 54.5-ish mm, which works out well for my hands. It turns very smoothly and solidly. Corner-cuts at 70° (not that you ever need that) and does it in that gradual way that is not a violent snap. It doesn't really lock up, although it might hiccup a bit when turning badly, but never in a way that interrupts your alg executions. The overall feeling is of smoothness in turning, in sound, in looks.

And oh the quietness : I travel a lot, and have had many people coming up to me and asking me to "stop that noise". Never with the Tornado v2. It is also something I can cube with when visiting friends or family, as it doesn't interrupt or disturb the conversations or film-watching that might be going on.

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