October 22nd, 2022
Basillio Noris

This is a great cube that feels different from most cubes I've tried.

  • Weight & feel – average weight, pieces feel light when turning
  • Turning Speed – fast, but not uncontrollable
  • Corner Cutting  stellar, with no hard locks
  • Magnets – average, little difference between weakest and strongest settings 
  • Lockups – none
  • Sound – very quiet, papery sound
  • Looks – octogonal center caps look bad, but go with the overall "sharp" look
  • Plastic – sturdy and high quality, frosting thankfully wears off
  • Similar-feel cubes – Gan11/Gan12, Valk Elite
  • Price – 20-25$
It's a Gan12, but made out of paper

The first word that comes to mind is papery : from the sound to the feeling of the friction when turning the pieces. Whilst it is not necessarily the lightest of cubes, the turning is effortless. Cubers who have tried the latest Gan cubes (11/12) will find the familiar feeling of light, hollow, solid pieces that move without needing much force.

Magnets are average, and keep the cube together most of the time (I sometimes screw up my J perms because of badly executed F moves that become wide Fs). The range of settings for the magnets is non-existent, to the point that you're never sure whether 6 is the strongest or weakest setting. The spring compression system is very easy to use and read, and the 10x settings are very well calibrated, allowing to go from very loose to very tight. There are no screws to adjust the travel distance, but the default works pretty well and adjusting the compression is enough to give a range of feelings. Also, can you please stop with the bloody frosted surface already?

You'll have some trouble getting this cube to lock up, it is extremely forgiving and corner-cuts smoothly in any real-life situation. Slices work very well making Roux solving very pleasant. Overall it is a fast cube that's effortless to turn, has a great new feel and sound with papery undertones and allowed me to get my usual times within 30min of playing with it.

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